CP Powdercoating B.V.

CP Powder Coatings is a surface treatment company specializing in powder coating and wet painting of steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel according to the practice guideline Powder & Wet paint on zinc and Qualicoat guidelines. Manageable, serial but also large metal products up to a length of 15 meters can easily be processed by us. CP Powder Coatings is characterized by good quality, high delivery reliability and excellent service and flexibility.


To make a product to be free of rust, old paint layers or mill scale should be blasted. Under high pressure there is grit being jet sprayed on the metal so that unwanted layers disappear and the surface is roughened. That way the material is ready for a possible follow-up treatment such as metal spraying , powder coating or wet painting. As a result, the material becomes durable protected from rust, dirt and weather conditions.

CP Powder Coatings has a large blast cabin, 15 x 5 x 5 meters, in which large objects can be handled smoothly.

Metal spraying / Metallization

Metal spraying also called metallization is a treatment which is carried out after the blast cleaning of the material. A metal spraying layer consists of a zinc alloy. This very good but porous layer serves as an ideal protective coating against corrosion. Because this layer is porous, it must always be post-treated with a paint system, or powder coating. The protection provided by the zinc alloy to the steel is a so-called cathodic protection. This means the zinc-aluminum alloy sacrifices itself for the protection of the steel.

Powder coating

Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum is coated in any color and texture. Powder coating is suitable for both indoor and outdoor widely applicable.
The applied powder and the object are heated in a furnace therefore the coating is flowing and curing, this creates a scratch-resistant and impact-hard finish on the object.

The advantages are:

  • good quality / price
  • no use of solvents which are harmful to the environment
  • very neat finish
  • very good edge coverage
  • faster turnaround compared with liquid coatings

Wet painting

Wet paint is used mainly for products that can not be powder coated and where there are specific requirements. Wet painting is a process in which a liquid paint is applied manually on the product. A wet paint is solvent-borne or water borne. A water-borne uses no organic solvents, but water is the carrier of the product. After the application of a paint system, the product should be given time to get rid of the solvent and to cure. This can be done by means of air drying, baking, etc., Depending on the type of paint which is used. The solid components that remain on, form the final protective layer.

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